3D Stream Alerts for Twitch

Discover 3D Twitch notifications designed with a game engine.
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3D Alerts

Have fun and celebrate viewer interactions on your Twitch live stream with alerts made in 3D!

Different alerts to choose from!

Frequently asked questions

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    • What are alerts?

      Alerts are customized 3D objects, such as gift boxes or stars, that appear on a stream when a viewer interacts with it, such as by donating, subscribing, or following. The objects feature physics and explosions, displaying the viewer's name for easy recognition.

    • Can I request alerts/themes/games?

      You sure can! Join our discord and look for our #suggestions channel.

    • What are themes?

      Themes are custom-designed overlays that allow you to immerse your stream in a particular festival or event, such as Halloween, Christmas, or your birthday. They include combined interactions for various Twitch actions, including hype trains, bits, raids, subscribers, and followers.

    • Is it easy to install?

      Installing our alerts, themes, and games is a breeze - just place it as a browser source into your streaming software (such as OBS Studio). Try them out in your browser before purchasing. Additionally, for our games, we offer YouTube how-to videos to guide you through the installation process, which also includes gameplay footage.

    • What are games?

      Games are tailor-made for streamers to play with their viewers through different means, and each game is unique. Take a look at our selection to find the one that suits your preferences best.

    • Can I refund my alerts/themes/games?

      To request a refund, simply send us an email through our support channel with a reason for your request. Your feedback helps us improve our product, and we're happy to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

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