Celebrate your Affiliate or Partner anniversary on Twitch

Twitch empowers you with the opportunity to celebrate big milestones like your stream anniversary. Whether you've got a handful of viewers or a bustling crowd, special events have the power to bring communities closer on Twitch. Want to know your stream anniversary date? Click here.

Twitch will announce 2 weeks prior to that date, giving you enough time to schedule it. On the day of your event, a special party hat icon will appear on your channel. Not enough to celebrate a magical milestone. There is a lot more that can be done!

When you celebrate the special occasion, viewers may get excited to shower you with gifted subs! And now, their generous contributions are visually showcased on the screen, inspiring others to join in and show their support too. Our birthday alerts are balloons that pack a punch when they pop! Viewers may try to fill up the entire screen as a fun gimmick. The floating balloons appear on the stream for several minutes, and will finally pop to disappear again. Click here to try them out here!

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