What is StreamAlertsTV?

Introducing StreamAlertsTV, Twitch Alerts designed with the Unity Game Engine


Live streaming on platforms like Twitch has become increasingly popular, attracting millions of viewers and content creators from around the world. To enhance the streaming experience and engage viewers, streamers often utilize stream alerts. One such tool is StreamAlertsTV, a unique solution designed with the powerful Unity game engine. In this article, we will explore what StreamAlertsTV is, its features, and how it enhances the live streaming experience on Twitch.

Understanding StreamAlertsTV

StreamAlertsTV is an innovative stream alert system specifically developed for Twitch streamers. It leverages the capabilities of the Unity game engine to provide visually appealing and interactive alerts during live streams. StreamAlertsTV offers a range of customizable features and intuitive controls, making it an excellent choice for streamers looking to bring their viewers something new.

Alerts on StreamAlertsTV

  1. Visual Appeal One of the key strengths of StreamAlertsTV is its visually stunning alerts. With Unity's powerful graphics rendering capabilities, streamers can create eye-catching animations, overlays, and effects that enhance the overall presentation of their streams. These visually appealing alerts capture viewers' attention and make the live-streaming experience more engaging.

  2. Customizability StreamAlertsTV will provide streamers with extensive customization options. Users can personalise their alerts to match their branding, theme, or game they are streaming. From adding custom objects to choosing their behaviour and sound effects, streamers have full control over the appearance and behaviour of their alerts. This feature will be ready in Q3 2023.

  3. Interactive Elements StreamAlertsTV allows streamers to incorporate interactive elements into their alerts. For example, viewers can spam an alert with channel points or other interactions, and the objects will react with each other, creating a funny chaotic moment. For example, spamming birthday balloons through gifted subs will fill up the entire screen. This interactivity encourages viewer participation and creates a sense of community during the live stream.

  4. Incentive Loyal Viewers StreamAlertsTV delivers alerts to viewers as soon as an event occurs during the stream. Whether it's a new subscriber or a subscriber with an ongoing streak. However, unlike other alerts, the objects will appear based on the months of the streak. So instead of 1 package, 24 will appear if the subscriber is subbed for 2 years. This incentive for loyal viewers awards them for staying engaged and connected to the streamer's content.

  5. Seamless Integration with Twitch StreamAlertsTV seamlessly integrates with any broadcasting platform, making it easy for streamers to set up and use. Streamers can connect their Twitch accounts directly to StreamAlertsTV and customize alerts that are aligned with Twitch's guidelines and policies. This integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both streamers and viewers.

How to Use StreamAlertsTV?

To use StreamAlertsTV, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website https://StreamAlerts.TV.
  • Connect your Twitch account to StreamAlertsTV.
  • Customize your alerts, or purchase predesigned alerts.
  • Install the browser source in your broadcasting software
  • Preview your alerts to ensure they meet your expectations.
  • Go live on Twitch, and StreamAlertsTV will automatically deliver customized alerts to your viewers during the stream.


StreamAlertsTV is a powerful stream alert system designed with the Unity game engine, specifically for Twitch streamers. It offers visually appealing and interactive alerts, enhancing the live-streaming experience for both streamers and viewers. With its customizable features, incentives for loyal viewers, and seamless integration with Twitch, StreamAlertsTV is a valuable tool for streamers looking to engage and captivate their audience.

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