Most popular software for Stream Alerts Twitch

Alerts come included within different broadcasting software. Here are the common choices and their supported viewer notification features.


StreamElements, a platform known for its variety of features, is an excellent choice for streamers seeking cloud-based Twitch Alerts. Although it may not have gained the same level of popularity as Streamlabs, it boasts a dedicated user base. Offering services akin to its counterpart, StreamElements allows content creators to enjoy comparable functionalities. One notable distinction, however, is that StreamElements focuses on hosting and preserving your streaming layouts in the cloud instead of functioning as a live streaming studio. You cannot initiate live streams directly from the StreamElements dashboard. Nevertheless, by leveraging this platform, you can effortlessly store all your alerts, overlays and layouts, in the cloud and seamlessly integrate them into popular broadcasting software like OBS Studio.

OBS Studio

As OBS Studio lacks built-in alert software for various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, therefore, streamers frequently turn to third-party or platform-specific software for this functionality. Nonetheless, OBS Studio remains the preferred choice among streamers due to its reliability and open-source nature. With abundant online tutorials available, streamers can easily navigate and master the workings of OBS Studio.


StreamLabs, unfortunately, is still the favoured streaming solution among novice and experienced live streamers offering a user-friendly interface and rich features. Because they didn’t have to develop their own software, but just based it on the open-source broadcasting software (OBS) Studio, Streamlabs had a lot of time to improve the user experience. Which they succeeded in. StreamLabs has been involved in a lot of scandals, harming independent developers and therefore streamers seek an alternative to their Twitch Alerts features. To utilise StreamLabs, it is necessary to download the software onto your computer, so you might as well do yourselves a favour and download OBS Studio.

Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio, which is Twitch's own broadcasting software. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Twitch Studio offers an intuitive interface and hosts preloaded features that cater to the needs of both beginners and seasoned content creators. Twitch has recently updated its native alerts, allowing you to make these changes with Twitch Studio, or through your Creator Dashboard and adding the alert as a separate browser source URL.

Notable, StreamAlerts.TV works on all of the different broadcasting software mentioned above and others, as long as you can add a browser source. It can even coherently work together, allowing you to enhance the alerts like streaks and Twitch Prime while remaining the use of your TOS notifications or new followers. None of the mentioned broadcasting software support physics alerts, but are considered animations. Read more about the difference here

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